Who is YachtShare for ?

Anyone who wishes to enjoy boating without the hassle and associated cost of ownership will love YachtShare. We Provide the ultimate in lifestyle and intelligent boating.

YachtShare appeals to:

  • The person wanting to purchase their own vessel who looks at the costs of ownership (Capital Cost, Interest Payable, Marina Berth, Maintenance) and finds that YachtShare can supply a better style of vessel for less than 25% of the cost of ownership whilst allowing the member almost the same level of enjoyment as ownership.
  • The person looking to charter a vessel for ten to fourteen days who can enjoy one of our vessels for 21 days per year for approximately the same cost. Why pay for 10-14 days when you can have 21.
  • People wanting their first Yacht or Launch love the YachtShare concept… spend 12 months as a YachtShare member whilst you dip your toes into the water…if you don’t like it… no boat to sell / share to sell.
  • Busy executives or corporates who don’t need the hassle of maintenance or ownership.
  • Mature members who join YachtShare as they find the maintenance tasks a little beyond their abilities.
  • The person looking for more boating experience before purchasing a boat and traveling offshore… YachtShare has the answer.

Where are the vessels located?


Situated in downtown Auckland, Westhaven is NZ’s premier marina facility with easy access from the city centre.

Can we share multiple vessels?

If you desire, YachtShare can tailor a package to suit.. perhaps  share a Launch / Yacht!

How many members on each vessel?

A select maximum of eight members, each with 21 or 35 days usage per year. Average members on each vessel usually around 6-7.

How does the booking system work?

The YachtShare booking system is 24 hour 7 day a week internet calendar based and is designed for hassle free access to your elected vessel. Of course there are ground-rules to ensure that each member gets a fair share of the vessel. Bookings are on a first in first served basis whilst providing flexibility and equal opportunity for all members. Bookings may be a minimum of one day through to a maximum of fourteen days. Each member may have two forward bookings and a Christmas booking ensuring that they are able to book holidays etc. Flexibility is the key, with members able to telephone our 24hour support service or place an internet booking – even the morning of their departure if they suddenly have that urge to “get out on the water.”

How far can I take the vessel?

All vessels are certified under the Marine Operators Safety System as directed by the Maritime NZ and have their limits of usage defined by the vessel survey certificate (usually Whitianga to Bay of Islands).

Do I have any ownership of the vessel?

Ownership is solely that of YachtShare or it’s Private Investors. Flexibility is once again the key, with members being able to opt out of the scheme after one year….. no share to sell, no boat to sell.

What is your safety rating and Marine Operators Safety System ( MOSS)?

MOSS is a quality and safety management program for commercial marine vessels. Supervised by the governments Maritime NZ, the MOSS program is managed at local level by YachtShare and our accredited marine surveyors. They complete intensive inspections of our vessels on a regular basis and direct YachtShare to maintain a high level of vessel maintenance and safety equipment. Having the YachtShare vessels in MOSS gives our members confidence in our vessels and their personal safety on the water.

What is the minimum commitment from me?

Standard contracts are for a 12 month period. At the end of the contract period, you have the option to enter into a further 12 month contract or leave the program. Flexibility is the key which makes Yachtshare an easy option to enjoy the gulf.

What costs do I have?

Your annual membership fee is your only cost except for fuel usage. There is an upfront insurance bond to cover any damage and is refundable upon expiry of your YachtShare contract.

How do I pay for my membership?

You pay by installments on a monthly Direct Debit,  ‘Pay for your boating as you go!’ or alternatively pay upfront for the whole year for a small discount.

Is my membership tax deductible?

Yes it may be – depending on your circumstances and if you use the vessel for legitimate business purposes such as entertaining clients, team building or use by the Directors or Shareholders.

Can I share my membership with friends?

Certainly – if two families share a membership then their cost of enjoyable hassle-free sailing is even lower. However, anyone who may skipper the vessel at any time will need to be approved by YachtShare.

How experienced do I need to be?

No formal qualifications are required in New Zealand. However the skipper/s will be assessed by YachtShare management during a three to four hour sea trial to confirm the members knowledge an ability and to introduce the vessels systems in fine detail. This is the time to ensure you are happy with the vessel you have selected with YachtShare. YachtShare employs the services of fully qualified marine training personnel for the sea trial. Our trainers are also available for top-up training on an hourly rate.

How should I leave the boat after usage?

As the vessels are being used on a reasonably continuous basis, please ensure that the vessel is left how you found it. An exterior wash down with the water hose, wash your dishes, remove rubbish, ensure the head is clean and all equipment stowed. Top up the tank with diesel..

Who pays for damage?

Wear and tear is the responsibility of the company, negligent damage is the responsibility of the member. Your insurance bond $3000 is held by the company to cover insurance excess on major damage. All vessels are fully insured under a commercial charter vessel policy.

Private Investor Opportunities

YachtShare to offers revenue and tax advantages for clients wishing to place their boat into the YachtShare fleet. Typically late model well known brands work best. YachtShare will manage the boat and the maintenance, split the revenue and make boat ownership a far more palatable financial arrangement.

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