You’re a founder of YachtShare with your wife Vicki, how did it all start?

I have an absolute affinity with water and wanted to go sailing. 

When my brother John talked about the concept of the YachtShare business, I was more than interested.

I mean who doesn’t want a business relate to their hobby?

YachtShare started from very small beginnings in 1998 with one small yacht, a Davidson 28…unbelievably a massive success, despite it having a very basic interior and a very leaky forward hatch. Thankfully the business grew to a fleet of a dozen boats very quickly and has gone from strength to strength not only in number, but also in quality.

What is your favourite thing about YachtShare?

I just love the people that become our customers at YachtShare… such a diverse and interesting bunch with many stories both nautical and business.

Of course working in the marine industry is amazing… it’s a happy and progressive place to be. Lots of friendships have been made and the fact that we have enabled hundreds of people to experience our magnificent Hauraki Gulf is a joyful feeling.

Have you always been a sailor?

My father was a NZ representative sailor and introduced me to sailing at the age of 6yrs after building a sabot sailing dinghy, firstly for my brother, and then latterly passing it on to me. Sailing the estuary at our holiday spot in Ruakaka honed the skillset.

What else do you do apart from owning Yachting companies?

Vicki and I have interests all over the place, in property and finance and related service companies. Diversity is good, but it comes with stresses.. hence a day or two out on the water is often a saviour.

I hear you and the family spent some time on a yacht in the Mediterranean, tell us more?

Yes we spent 18months sailing the Mediterranean as a family in 2007… terrific time for family connections and a chance to explore not only the med, but throughout Europe and the Middle East. Kids were 6,9,12 and I can attest that it’s a great age be exploring the world as it gives the children a large view on different cultures and broadens their outlook. People often ask…Yes there were a few storms, but unsurprisingly the real stresses came mostly from dodgy taxi drivers.