What sort of things do you do for YachtShare?

I did a lot of work assessing clients abilities to handle vessels prior to joining Yachtshare. Joining YachtShare seemed like a natural progression to spend more time on the water so Im now doing assessments and training for many of the clients

I hear you are Ex-Navy. Tell us about your time there?
I joined the Navy in the mid 60’s and retired after serving just over 21 years. I specialized in seamanship and weapons and became a Chief Gunnery Instructor. Highlights were being part of the crew on a 27′ Montegue Whaler doing an overnight passage to American Samoa when taking junior officer training – total of 7 onboard. Funniest memory that comes to mind, I was part of a motor launch crew that was tasked with putting the motor launch alongside for crew to go on day leave, the Petty Officer said “Don’t worry – I’ll do it” he launched the boat only to find that he hadn’t checked and both bungs were left out, needless to say more than one pump was required.
When you are not playing with boats, what do you do?
I spend most of my time with my wife Sue and our new family member Max, an 8 month old Neapolitan Mastiff Cross, we live close to Muriwai so enjoy lots of different walking areas. Have just enlarged our garage so also enjoying my new Mancave area !
I hear that your wife Sue, is an amazing baker. Do you have a favourite?
Sue is a stunning baker, needless to say my waistline has suffered but if I had to choose – my favorites are her Cinnamon Swirl Buns and her Savory Crackers.
Where is your favourite place in NZ?
Anywhere I’m having a great time with family and friends.